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“I have had the pleasure of being part of Erika Carter’s classes at Flybarre for the past 5 years. Being in my sixties, i have been an exercise class person most of my life; consequently, i have experienced many exercise/personal trainer instructors. Erika sets herself apart by being just the right balance of excellent instruction, specific adjustments, always setting a tone of comfort in the class for all levels. She has a professional yet very personal relationship with those of us who attend her classes. She has great energy and on her bad days (when she is not feeling up to par, etc.) she NEVER allows it to affect the quality of her class. She is so knowledgeable and always pushing herself to grow and learn. We could use a lot of Erika Carter’s in our world :)”

— Cathy Chrismer

“I have worked out with Erika for 8 years, as a student in her classes at FlyBarre, as a student in her livestream classes, and as a personal training client. There are so many great things to say about Erika, it’s hard to know where to begin. Beyond being incredibly kind and fun to be around, she always keeps the workouts fresh and challenging. I have never been bored or felt her classes were predictable, and the same is true for our personal training. I never know what to expect, and, as a result, am constantly challenged to push myself more. Her cues are spot on and keep me doing the exercises with the proper form, thus, getting the right results and avoiding injury.

Above all, Erika is the consummate professional. I know, only because I have asked (as a fellow migraine sufferer), that she has conducted entire excellent classes while suffering from a migraine. She does not chatter on about herself- the sessions are always about her clients. If I or another client does not come to class for a week or two, Erika always checks in to make sure we are okay. I have never heard her utter a negative word, and I have spent a lot of time talking with her. She is a tiny powerhouse, and, truly, a joy. I recommend Erika highly and without reservation.”

— Shayla Rumely

“Love Erika’s high energy barre classes! A total body workout by a top notch fitness instructor who really knows her stuff and is a lot of fun, to boot. Her strength and incredible physique are inspiring to us all!”

— Laura Doman

“I started incorporating barre into my fitness routine in early 2016, averaging 2-3 classes per week. Erika’s workouts quickly became my favorites! She keeps her classes consistently challenging and incredibly encouraging. When gyms closed, I worried about how to keep up with physical activity and effective workouts. With Erika’s digital classes, she creates the experience of the studio and the barre burn I’ve come to love so much. Whether I join live or work out with a recorded session, I am so grateful for Erika’s classes and her upbeat approach to fitness. It’s what we all need right now!"


— Natalie Duggan

“I started working out with Erika two years ago at Flywheel, in the FlyBarre room, when I was peer pressured into my first class. Every class is thought out, energetic, challenging and pushes you to your limits. Erika does a great job of making sure you are doing things right and feeling the burn. Her passion and experience really shows in her classes. Recently, I have been doing personal training that has been great with new fun routines. She is always able to accommodate my schedule. I have really enjoyed working out with her over the years and will continue to do personal training!!”

- Clay Schwartz

“Erika will in the best way! She keeps your motivation up through the planned workouts and helps you reach your goals. I have knee issues, but she always has alternatives to accommodate so that I’m safe and comfortable. Love her at Flywheel and FlyBarre, but her personalized workouts are even better. She keeps the sessions ever changing and fun! Plus, is doesn’t hurt that she’s #bodygoals.”

- Emily Smith

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